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Welcome to Reliant's online application!

Whether you plan to be a long-term missionary or a summer intern, this is the place to begin your application process with Reliant. We are excited to begin partnering with you and your church or gospel-centered nonprofit.

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There's no commitment once you've created an account. Our site is designed to walk you through a discernment process, even if you're not 100% sure yet about a role with Reliant. If you have questions along the way, connect with us. We're here to help!

​The assessment process has several phases depending on the type of role for which you are applying:
  • Connection/Documentation Phase: Get answers to your questions before applying/Tell us all about you and your ministry.
  • Supervisor Interview: Secure an interview with the local supervisor of your ministry role.
  • Reliant Assessment/Interview: An independent review by a Reliant assessor, including a phone interview for those seeking a long-term position (more than two years).
  • Decision & Discernment Phase: Reliant and local representatives collaborate on a hiring decision.
  • Provisionally Accepted Phase: Ready to head to Reliant training.
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This web-based application software by FluidReview works with all major web browsers, but we recommend Google Chrome for best results.